Our Story

DNTY Jewelry was founded and created during a time of vulnerability and anxiety. Megan Oyler had lost her job due to COVID-19 and she was struggling to stay afloat in her finances. With COVID-19 cases on the rise, the stay at home order had gotten more intense which limited her to see friends and family. A lot of time was being spent in her little apartment which caused her to find ways to keep her busy mind, well..... busy.
One afternoon she was scrolling through facebook and saw a post by someone that their child had gotten physically bullied at school. Meg was so angry, confused, upset, and above all else, wanted to do something about it because Meg was physically bullied from Elementary through Highschool.
When she was went into middle school, the physicality of the bullying got worse and included food being thrown at her in the cafeteria, her tailbone cracking due to being kneed in the back, getting her hair pulled, being tripped on asphalt and face planting, etc... Her school did nothing about it and Meg was the most depressed she had ever been. 
Later that night, she had a random idea to go to the craft store and get a few charms and necklaces to make so she could stay busy and learn a new trade! She ended up posting the 5 necklaces on her personal instagram and her friends were wanting to buy them!
Meg thought, how can I make these more intentional and have a deeper meaning to them? So she did some research and found a pack of charms that had inspirational words on them and put those on a necklace. She wanted them to be unique and allow for others to better themselves. That's when she came up with the name "Grow N' Give" and the meaning- Pick a word you want to grow in, wear it as a reminder, and when the time is right...give it to someone else so they can grow too!
So she created a small website and posted these 6 necklaces on her TikTok. But to her surprise, the video had hit 70k views within 24hrs and she had sold over 150 necklaces!! Meg was so shocked and excited.... she new that in this moment, Grow N' Give Necklaces needed to be an official business. So she created a more elaborate website, created a business TikTok, and started making videos. 
As of today, she has hit 2,000 sales in just 4 months of officially being open. 
Meg is now working on releasing new versions and products that include the Grow N' Give concept. She is thriving and happy with the fact that other people are growing and becoming better versions of themselves when they order their Grow N' Give Necklace or one of her special initial bracelets.