2 Forever Together Bracelets

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We all have that special someone. Whether it’s a best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, mom, dad, siblings, or grandparents....
You get TWO bracelets... one for you and one for your significant other!
These are unisex bracelets that aren’t completed until the other half of the heart is near.

* CUSTOMIZE: Please write what initials you want in the checkout notes or you will just get bracelets with a heart on them. *

The bracelets do not come with the letters blacked out.

Please Note: The metal these bracelets are made out of aluminum and the gold are gold plated which allows us to hand stamp on them. The letters are not perfectly stamped and might come a little slanted due to it being hand stamped and not engraved by a machine.

Care instructions: We do not recommend wearing them in water or all day everyday. Wear on occasion and do not bend too far or you can damage them.

One size fits most.

Shipping time: 1 week